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I’m Not Simple

This title of this post may be startling, considering what I talk about is simple. You can create space for simplicity in many areas of your life. This doesn’t mean you’re a simple person; it just means you have chosen to live simply. That could also say, “To simply live.”

reese1In 2014, I had a farm where I raised exotic chickens and mini pigs. This one perched on my arm was my favorite. Her name was Reese. I could spam you with pictures right now of the most beautiful chickens you’ve ever seen, but I won’t. That door of my life closed two years ago, but that didn’t stop me from trying to resuscitate it. I’m a pro at getting in God’s way.

I loved this season and raising these beautiful birds! It was a lot of work, but it brought me and many others a lot of joy. When I moved out here, the house has a fenced in side yard, and the owners of the home mentioned it had been used for chickens. A light bulb went off.

Yep! I got chickens again. Did it bring me joy? For about a week. When God closes a door, politely hand him the crowbar please. My daughter found them the perfect home last week.

To have a beautiful life I have to listen to something bigger than me. You can call it what you want; Higher Power, Intuition, Holy Spirit, a voice within, or The Universe to name only a few. I started out with Higher Power in the early days of recovery, but then came to know God, so that is what you’ll see here. I’m not religious, but I do have a relationship with God.

It feels good to fall back on something familiar. I knew what it was like to raise chickens and thought it would be fun again. There was no joy in it and it felt like a daily chore for me.

Can you relate? Is there something in your life that feels like that? Can you pinpoint what it is?

I’m a complex woman that yearned for a simple life. Stay with me and you will find one too!


Barbara is a writer, Entrepreneur and Mom to her 16-year-old daughter. She loves dipping cookies in her coffee in the morning and has a pretty healthy obsession for chocolate. When she started this Blog in 2014 Letitgocoach was what stuck. She enjoys helping people Let Go of what is holding them back from having a beautiful life. Her life today is an example of Letting Go and Letting God. You may connect with her via email. Letitgocoach@gmail.com