We didn’t allow the snow and ice to hinder us from taking a walk. After the first fallen snow, it was light powder and easy to walk through, but then a fine layer of ice fell on top. That made it a little more challenging, but where there’s a will, there’s also a way. You… Continue reading Footprints

Keep Watching Darling

Life is what you make it. I believe this with every fiber of my being. I watched my Mama do her very best and she watched hers. It looked hard. It’s how we see it. There’s options. Choose wisely. Victim or victor? Last week, my daughter witnessed my breaking point. I plopped down on the edge… Continue reading Keep Watching Darling

One More Day

The words that come out of my daughter’s mouth during conversation is like visiting with Yoda. Tomorrow is my birthday. I rolled out of bed with the Rolodex of this year, flipping through my mind. What have I accomplished? Am I on target with my goals? She knows I do this twice a year. The… Continue reading One More Day

So Many Firsts

My daughter is at the eye doctor today. She called and made an appointment yesterday to have her eyes checked. What an adult thing to do. I’m in awe watching her set her sails. We raise them to the best of our ability, and then watch them as they go. I’m not going to try and… Continue reading So Many Firsts

Free to Be

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My darling. This is the day you walked through with grace. Last December, he ripped out your heart, and threw it away. It was so unexpected. No warning of the words he said. You crumbled to the floor, and I held you while you screamed. He decided to take a road trip with a buddy… Continue reading Free to Be

My Daughter Writes

Originally posted on Simply Semloh:
I’ve been staring at this empty canvas/shell of a blog for months, mostly wondering how to begin and how to introduce myself. I’ve had other forms of “social media” for years, but starting something new.. and trying to put who you are into a few words is more difficult than…

Turn the Page

It feels like a new chapter unfolding in our lives. She wrote, and published her first Blog posttoday. She has always been a gifted writer. Maybe that is why she encouraged me to begin this Blog years ago, because she knew how enjoyable it would be. It was a seed in her heart. She’s had… Continue reading Turn the Page