It’s On Them

I receive strange looks at the pizza place. People don’t know how to respond when they see me standing behind the counter. I’ve been asked by customer’s, “Why are you here?” The only answer that fits is, “It’s all God.” When we pray to be used by Him, be willing to just do it. I’ve… Continue reading It’s On Them

Be a Stopper

I’m not very good at quitting. As soon as that thought entered my mind, another thought followed. ‘You don’t have to quit, but you can stop.’ I’m good at stopping. ♥ ♥ ♥ In speaking with a co-worker he said something that has been rolling around my mind for a week. We don’t know each… Continue reading Be a Stopper

A Satisfied Life

A job is what you do, while nurturing the dream. I’ve had a job as a Virtual Assistant for the same company for seven years. It was offered to me around the time I was preparing to leave my marriage. It allows me to stay home with my daughter and support us financially. I’m happy… Continue reading A Satisfied Life

Battery Saving Mode

In the morning, I unplug my laptop to sit at the coffee table and read, or catch up with friends. I use it’s battery as my timer.Doing things online drains our internal battery along with the laptop.Right before the battery dies, it gives me a warning and goes into battery saving mode. At that point, I finish… Continue reading Battery Saving Mode

Used by God

I logged back onto my Facebook account. I’ve been away for 6 months, and didn’t miss it. When I joined SC Lourie on the November Soul Reset, she sent out an email with an invitation to join a FB group. Being a part of a group allows you to be supportive of others. I’ve been… Continue reading Used by God

Feel the Music

In the past four years, I’ve had the pleasure of loving two men. I don’t talk about it much, but love has been on my mind this weekend, as you can see from yesterday’s post. When I began this Blog it was for a couple of reasons. One-I wanted my daughter to have a place… Continue reading Feel the Music

Rooted in Real

After I Bled Out, a shift happened, and I wanted real. I’ve been a part of and seen the effects social media has on well-being. It wasn’t healthy for me, so I stepped away, and have no desire to go back. This Blog hasn’t been connected to any social media for weeks, but people are… Continue reading Rooted in Real

These Three Gates

The privacy fence around the backyard has four gates. One is at the end of the driveway. It has a vine growing along the fence, and up a small arbor, waiting to bloom. I haven’t discovered yet, where the other three lead. Whoever built the house, and fence, had a reason, but it’s a mystery… Continue reading These Three Gates

It’s Old School

I visit people almost daily. Just to ask how their life is going, and then listen. Sometimes, it’s just for a hug if I sense they need one. Never turn down a heartfelt hug. It’s healing. It’s old school, and that is where I enjoy being today. Every now and then, I leave my phone… Continue reading It’s Old School

The More I Learn, the Less I Know.

I’ve read more books this year, than three years combined. I’m reading Melodie Beattie’s, Finding Your Way Home, for the second time. It made me desire for more people to have this level of self-awareness, and self-love. When I began this Blog, it was to show people that a beautiful life is attainable. That was… Continue reading The More I Learn, the Less I Know.