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Find Your Dosha

I didn’t complete all four of the stained glass classes.

During the first class, I was with a group of ladies more mature in years than me. The teacher asked us to take turns introducing ourselves, and say why we’re here.

Each lady gave a similar answer. Their kids were grown, had left the nest, and they were looking for something to do.

When it was my turn, I said, “I just want to make something pretty!

I felt odd being there, and didn’t feel I was at that stage of life yet. I’m happy I went, and love trying new things.

My friend Paula reminded me of this.

I left the class with what I need to make a piece of stained glass. It’s sitting in a box, on a shelf, waiting for the day that the time is right. We have time, but we spend it wisely.

When I took the Ayurveda class, we learned our Dosha’s.

Again, the teacher was a woman more mature in years than me, as was the majority of class attendants. She is a beautiful soul, and I will go back to attend her Yoga class. While taking the test to see which of the three Dosha’s we were, she said, “Most of you will rate high as Vata, or Kapha, and that is normal for our age.” What is normal for our age?

I guess being over 50, it isn’t normal to rate high as Pitta, but I recall sitting in that class, feeling a fire burning within. Finding my Dosha explains a lot, like why I can’t tolerate spicy food, or stand in the sun for very long. Fire meets fire.


I rated high Pitta, with some Vata, and that is most likely due to my age, but that doesn’t stop me from trying new things. I believe we need to be on a continual journey of learning, otherwise we are stuck with old beliefs.

Marianne Williamson refers to these years as, “Re-greening.”

Sure, we slow our pace, and cannot physically do what we did when we were 20, but I don’t want to be any younger. I don’t know about you, but I finally have time to think!

“Internal work is sometimes done more easily while sitting there thinking than while busily running around. A frantic schedule helps us avoid taking a deeper look at ourselves, but by midlife such avoidance simply does not, and cannot work anymore. Slower lifestyles, candles, and soft music in the house, yoga, meditation, and the like are often signs of an internal re-greening.” (The Age of Miracles, M.W)

Thank you Marianne Williamson, for describing where I am, except the music part. I still listen to it way too loud.Travel-Photo-Quote

If you would like to find your Dosha, shoot me an email. I will be happy to send you the test. Letitgocoach@gmail.com


The Broken Pieces


Last year, I let it all go, to see what stayed.

I believe a lot of people are trying to decide what they want to do with their life. I asked a friend, “What were you doing, and at what point in your life were you doing it, that made your heart happy?” We can go back and see what’s there.

My most favorite job was working in a custom frame shop.

It was my first real job, in my 20’s, and I loved cutting glass.

In my 30’s, I was visiting a friend, and she took me on a tour of her stained glass studio. She has just begun making it, and had a few pieces hanging in her home. I loved the way the light came through, and became colored light.

She was a good bit older than me, and her kids were grown.

I admired her for doing this later in life, like there were no rules on when to begin. Visiting with her that day planted a seed in my heart. Now, some twenty years later, I have taken my first stained glass class. It was a basic cutting class, and there I was, loving the sound of the glass being scored. Breaking it into desired the pieces.

The teacher strolled by and said, “You are a natural at this.”

Letting go of the pieces of me that have accumulated over the years, revealed a piece lost, and forgotten. Here’s to making something beautiful with the broken pieces.

One More Day

I am going to post two Blogs today. It doesn’t happen often, but I have another one in me. If you are reading this, you may want to read the one from this morning, “Which Way Home.” A change of events occurred after posting that one, and I got my one more day.

Note to self. Do not let the dog outside as you’re loading up your truck.

Mr. Smith has a Min Pin, (miniature Doberman Pincher), that decided to race out the door as soon as I opened it. I didn’t think too much about it because he usually comes back in a few minutes. Once I finished loading my truck, I noticed the time was moving closer to my Radiation appointment, and he hadn’t returned. I was going to have to go look for him.

My left breast has a deep burn going on after 21 treatments. I started putting pure Aloe Vera on it yesterday, and thought, it would be nice to have one more day to keep it covered in Aloe. Thanks to Mr. Smith’s dog, I got my one more day. He came home an hour later.


There was one thing I wanted to do while Smith was at work. To clean up my room.

Smith gave me this room to enjoy as I write, and tinker with stained glass. It got covered up with boxes from Christmas, and the table was full. I love this room and the view! By taking one more day to soothe my soul, I would also have it to heal my burned boob. I took a shower, put on Aloe , my Yoga pants, a comfortable t-shirt, and walked into the room.

I tore down all the empty boxes, and have them ready to be picked up. Then it was time to organize all this glass. Smith’s grandmother used to work with glass, and I am blessed to have all her leftover pieces. The tool caddy needed to be put together completely, so I did that as well. While looking at what I had in the caddy, I realized two things I would need.

While doing a Google search for the items, I felt my heart prompting me to look through the box of glass. Pulling out all of the pieces, and getting down to the bottom of the box. There is where I found the items I needed. The tool caddy is complete, and the room is cleaned, and organized. Sometimes the body and soul just need that one more day.

Use Your Gifts

I love the little things God prompts me to write about. I don’t particularly enjoy telling on myself, but that is part of writing. To share what we see, and where we’ve been in hopes of encouraging others. I write about having a beautiful life, but God just whacked me with this.


It was almost a month ago, my daughter gave me these gorgeous house shoes. They are so pretty, the brand name is, “Pretty You.” I was so excited to receive them, that I slid them on and walked across the room.

They didn’t feel snug like my other house shoes. The bottoms were slippery, and they felt light and fluffy. I thanked her, and sat them in my room.

I sat them on my vanity, where I could see them. Anytime I looked that way, I could enjoy how pretty they are. Like so many other things in my life, they were nice to look at. The only difference was they actually have a function. So, I moved them from the bedroom to the den.

We walk through, or sit in the den a good bit during the day. I even gave them their own chair to sit in, so they’d be off the floor. I was being pretty careful with them, as I tried to decide when to wear them. Do you ever know what you want to do, but it takes time to do it?

Well, today was that day. I slid my feet in and left them on.


My daughter saw them sitting in the chair in the den and was concerned. We have this saying that, if you’re not using it, or it’s not bringing you joy, then give it away. It will bring someone else joy. She asked if she needed to return them, or give them away. I was obviously breaking our golden rule. They were so pretty to look at, but why couldn’t I use them?

They brought me joy just by looking at them across the room. I think we are a lot like that with the gifts God has given us. We’re perfectly happy just having the gift, or desire, but we’re leery of stepping out in faith and using it. I know I am guilty of keeping mine in the room, but not using them to the fullest extent. Stained glass is one that God is nudging me toward.

I fell in love with stained glass 20 years ago. A friend of mine had started making it, and what started out as a hobby, grew into a full blown workshop/studio. That was the day God planted the seed. I have not forgotten how it made me feel to see the light shining through the glass. It was so beautiful, and a spectacular way to bring beauty to other peoples lives.

A couple of years ago, I took a class on how to make it. My most favorite job ever was working in a custom frame shop, and cutting the glass made me feel alive! The sound of the glass cutter scoring the glass, and then breaking the excess glass away. There’s a vulnerability working with glass, knowing it could hurt you if you don’t respect it’s power.

Fast forward to today, and I have everything I need to make stained glass. It’s in a cabinet, and has been laid out many times and worked with, but back in the cabinet it goes. I have people around me that support my dream, but what is keeping me from using it? Because it’s new, somewhat uncomfortable, and I’m happy with knowing it’s in the cabinet.


After I took a picture of my feet in the slippers, I flipped them over to look at the sole. This is where God just drilled it on home for me. Above the PY, for Pretty You, it says, “Love What You Do!” That is my mantra, “Do what you love and love what you do!” If that wasn’t enough, on the heel is a crown, and a heart. Two other things I preach about quite often.

I’m still wearing the slippers, and not sure when I’m going to take them off. They are starting to feel good now like they were made for me. What is God showing you today? Are your dreams in a cabinet? Are you gazing at the beauty in your life from across the room?

We only get this one life, so if the shoe fits, wear it. Now I take the beauty with me wherever I go.