Now and Next

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I’m taking steps this year, toward where I want to be this time next year. It takes some planning, but I keep an open mind. One of my most used prayers is, “God, if this is not your will, stop me now!” I jotted down this note from 7/26 in the Jesus Calling book. “RELAX… Continue reading Now and Next

Wear the Boots

Believe in yourself. Sounds good, right? That’s where it all begins. What we think of ourselves is how we perceive ourselves. To those who feel they have no control over their life? You control every thought, word and action. Let’s get started. I wore my cowboy boots today. It’s been at least a year since… Continue reading Wear the Boots

The Shopping Cart

I want God to do big things in my life. He has done many big things for me over the years, but the big things are easy to notice. It’s the small, everyday things I tend to take for granted. Over my life, I’ve listened to a lot of Joyce Meyer teachings. Her words stick… Continue reading The Shopping Cart