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Just Go Away

I spoke with my sister earlier today. Her husband retired January 1st, and it’s been an adjustment. He worked for months at a time in New York, and then came home for a week or so, only to go back for another few months. Time has mellowed him and she is going to enjoy him being home. I encouraged her to do just that and if they get on each others nerves, don’t go in separate directions. Get away together. Make up for lost time.

So, I’m journeying with a group of beautiful souls through SC Louries, Tender To My Soul. She writes about visiting Paris with her family and how everything was out of the norm. She couldn’t find her daily routine, and the things she had grown accustomed to.

mountain (265x340)I felt this way when Mr. Smith took me to Colorado. Not only did I lose cell service, but everything was foreign. The air, elevation, and my surroundings were a huge change, and I couldn’t find things I was used to having. You can read more about that here.

SC, or Samantha as we call her, decided to embrace this uncomfortableness, after the initial shock. She has allowed it to unfold and remained completely aware. Instead of bucking it, she embraced it for what it was. This was the beginning of a beautiful journey for her. Out of it came this spectacular journey she has written and graciously shares.

Looking back, I feel like it might have been best to go with the flow and enjoy the differences more than I did. Not being able to follow my daily routine, this was an opportunity to embrace newness. Unlike Samantha, I came back home and fell back into my daily routine, but I did learn a lot about myself in the process. Changes took place.

When is the last time you went away? Even for a weekend, to just go somewhere to get away from your normal routine. It will open your eyes to what you have, because you’ll miss the little things. While you’re away, try to see where you are and appreciate everything it has to offer in that moment. It’s only temporary, so enjoy it while it lasts. The comforts of home will be waiting at home.