The Cookie Sheet

I saw it at Christmas, but left it. It’s the New Year and I still have money leftover from Christmas. I walked back into the store and bought it. This wasn’t a need, it was a flat out want. It’s red and shiny, which are two things that regularly grab my attention. It cost more… Continue reading The Cookie Sheet

In the Moment

Sitting here this morning, I’m rethinking the timing of my last post. I thought it would be more efficient to write the post before bed and schedule it to post after midnight. Writing is not about efficiency for me. Posting everyday this month is challenging, but what I think is my biggest challenge. I gave… Continue reading In the Moment

To Be Kind

I’ve been reading about being kind. That may sound silly, but I want to go beyond nice, and be consistently kind. We can be nice, but that can be turned on and off. To be kind is deciding to do more. To be thoughtful and give from our hearts. A Side-step I’m beginning to believe… Continue reading To Be Kind

Follow Your Heart

I woke up early not only to a brand new day, but a new year. Mornings are a magical moment for me. Today there is a little extra anticipation knowing this morning begins a brand new year. I am excited about a new year! Not for any particular reason, but I have been pondering some… Continue reading Follow Your Heart

Take It Or Leave It

We had a beautiful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year. This has been a truly great year! That doesn’t mean it’s been easy or uneventful. I choose to look at life’s challenges as opportunity for growth. There is always something to learn, which is probably why I refer to ‘lessons learned’ so… Continue reading Take It Or Leave It