In the Details

The light coming through my bedroom windows invite you to come and sit for a bit. Soak up some light. Enjoy this morning moment. When I bought the clock and heart displayed in Under the Bed, I bought something else. I told a friend what I bought and he said, “That’s great! You might as… Continue reading In the Details

A Mustard Seed

I went to a Farmer’s Market Friday. There was a lady there selling handmade necklaces and mosaic dinnerware. Out of all the necklaces on display, this one spoke to me. It’s a mustard seed. I smiled, paid the lady and brought it home. I haven’t worn it yet, but surely will. What’s funny is I… Continue reading A Mustard Seed

Cross the Bridge

Living in the past, or uncertainty. It’s not healthy to unpack our bags and stay. Looking at pictures of bridges, it dawned on me how helpful they are. A bridge allows us to easily navigate over water, or treacherous ground. When I was a kid, the best part of the car ride was driving over… Continue reading Cross the Bridge

Once is Enough

Last week, I deleted my Facebook account. It’s been on my heart to do so all year. One of those last things to ‘let go’ of. The key to doing something like this, and be filled with peace afterwards, is to do it a non emotional state. Sitting calmly in front of my laptop, staring… Continue reading Once is Enough

Let Life Be

“Sometimes the picture isn’t finished yet.” “Ideas, possibilities, hopes, dreams float around, circling us like asteroids around a planet. We may think events in our lives are happening aimlessly, without purpose. All we see are disconnected, floating blobs.” “We reach for them, try to grab them in our hands so we can connect them, force… Continue reading Let Life Be

To Be True

Life is beautiful, and we are taking time to cultivate it. I saw the gradual movement of change. My daughter painted her room, and I fell in love with the feel. Walking into my own room, it didn’t give me that feel. Looking at paint colors, then testing samples, and voila! My room has that… Continue reading To Be True

Living In Enoughness

Today’s magical word for me is ‘Enoughness’. I love taking words such as, Awesome, and Fabulous, and adding ‘ness’ to them. Then you have Awesomeness and Fabulousness! Let’s look at Enoughness. Leo Babuata of Zen Habits, is one of my Hero Writers. He inspires me, and prompts me to think. Leo has been writing for… Continue reading Living In Enoughness

All Is Well

I love these moments during the day that it is so quiet. The kind of quiet that you can hear the slightest of sounds, if you listen intently. It’s so quiet, that even the quiet sounds loud. Life is full of unknowns. The past few weeks, I’ve had to look sternly at what little I… Continue reading All Is Well

All I Know

Walking in God’s will. What is God’s will? How do we know? What if I miss it? Guess what? God knows where you live. If you miss it the first time around, He will find you and give you another shot. When I don’t know what to do, I ask God for His wisdom. He… Continue reading All I Know