The Dirt Roads

Just to clarify, I’m not starting a cleaning business.

My last post was an intro to some things I learned.

I believe every path of our past brings us to where we stand today. Some are paved, and some are dirt.


I received the strangest looks from clients upon entering their homes. Some would actually say, “You don’t look like a maid.” I would reply, “Oh, I’m not. I’m a writer helping a friend.” On those days I wasn’t writing, I was getting up at 5:00 am to go help my friend clean two, 2,000 sq. foot houses.

I enjoyed cleaning the houses that were well kept.

You could tell that the people who lived there cared about their things. There was no clutter, but I could find dirt and dust. They were at work, but I wanted them to come home and feel a difference. For me, it was the tiniest of details, and the homeowners noticed.

One lady had a wall of family photos displayed, and I could tell they were framed with care. As I was dusting one, I noticed a speck of dirt on the inside of the glass. It was right in the center, and looking at the order of which the house was in, my guess would be it drove the homeowner to distraction.

One of my favorite jobs was working in a Custom Frame Shoppe, so I knew how to take the picture apart, get the speck out, and reassemble it properly.

When the homeowner returned and saw her house had been loved on all day, she called my friend that I was helping clean and said, “I don’t know who you sent to my home today, but I want her every time.”

It made me feel good that she felt the difference.

The home I cleaned yesterday is a well maintained home. He works all the time, and doesn’t enjoy cleaning in the little time he has off. The extra things I did were, watered all the plants and took the price tags off, cleaned the fridge inside and out, trimmed all the wicks of the candles so they were ready to be lit, and made the bed look like a dream.

We need to be willing to gain experience for the next part of the journey. I had cleaning ladies for 15 years, and had to put things back the way they were when they left. When I cleaned I didn’t rearrange.

My past homes have looked similar to a museum.

I’ve stayed at Marriott Resorts while vacationing, so I knew what the bed should look and feel like.

When people pay me for my time, it’s an exchange of energy. They used their energy to make the money, and give it to me for my energy spent on their home.

It’s nice to know at my age that I can still be passionate about work, and do things out of the box.

Today, I’m grateful to have lived on the dirt roads.

Try New Things

I sent my sister a copy of Bella Grace magazine.

She is going through a difficult phase in life, and I just wanted her to have something beautiful to hold. Something that would speak kindness to her.

After placing the order, another magazine caught my eye. I have an intense love for smells, so candles and soaps are a high priority in this beautiful life. I’ve always bought them from local vendors at the Farmer’s Markets, but recently, I’ve had this yearning to try my hand at making them myself. Well….

Willow and Sage

My excuse for not making them myself was, I would spend a fortune on the container for the candle. They would have to be blingy and beautiful, and it would take forever to decide. When I saw the cover of Willow and Sage my excuse was no longer valid.

It’s literally a hulled out lemon half!

In Texas we can buy lemons for .25 cents each!

Mr. Smith taught me about excuses. All of the reasons I gave him for not trying my hand at candle making were merely excuses. He encourages me to do anything that makes my heart happy. He knows if I’m happy, the people around me will be too.

My daughter loves the way our home smells. She walked in yesterday and yelled, “This house smells like fall!” I just smiled, and thought, “Just you wait darling…Just you wait. Willow and Sage is on the way.” They have a magazine for making soap too.