The Velvet Timberland’s

Me: Would you like a cup of coffee? (watching the Chemex complete it’s cycle.) Her: I just made a cup of tea. Me: You can have both. (said with ease) Her: What a beautiful world we live in when I can have both. Our life is beautiful, and I think sometimes people become weary of… Continue reading The Velvet Timberland’s

Life is Complete

I saw a paper tree with lights for our coffee bar. The display was magical at the store, but once I got it home and on the bar, I didn’t like it. I gave it some time to see if it would grow on me. There’s so many shiny things that get my attention this… Continue reading Life is Complete

Gravitate Toward Glitter

I’m surprised to see how much glitter is in my life. When out shopping, I find myself gravitating toward it. I want to share some with you. This is my daughter’s ornament for 2019. You can shake it like a glitter globe. Yesterday, I met a friend for coffee and conversation. It’s funny how she… Continue reading Gravitate Toward Glitter