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Best Thing Ever

Earlier today, my daughter and I were talking about our little book of ‘Never Agains‘. Then she flipped the conversation around and began talking about the best thing ever. Like, the ginormous bag of cotton balls we purchased, just because it’s the biggest bag we’ve ever seen. (pillow size) We can always use cotton balls.

A couple of weeks ago, we were out shopping, and came across a Valentine’s Day display. It was in the kitchen area of the store, and my daughter fell in love with a little whisk. She’s uses her favorite whisk so often, we were questioning how much longer it would last.

I scooped up the whisk from the Valentine’s display as we continued walking through the store. I didn’t look at the price.

When we arrived at the self-checkout, we scanned it and stared in disbelief at the register display. The whisk cost $1.00.


Today, we flipped the book of ‘Never Again’s’ over and began writing ‘Always Again’s’, from the back of the book. This little book now has two covers. One is ‘Never’s’ and the other side is ‘Always’.  I’m curious to see where they meet.

The bag of cotton balls, and this whisk are written in the ‘Always Again’ side. As you can see, the hearts stamped on the handle are fading from use. It’s been loved.

Tonight I believe our little book, and what we’ve written in it, is the best thing ever.

Leave January Behind

“Now that January is out of the way, we can finally get 2019 started.” ♥ SC Lourie.


Enjoy the Journey

“Relax. You’re on a journey of discovery. Let life reveal itself to you.”

Melody Beattie

My daughter was packing to go to her Dad’s and asked, “What are you doing this weekend?” I replied, “I’m going to not think so much.” I’ve just been enjoying the journey.

I once told my daughter, “I don’t have any problems,” and compared to the rest of the world I don’t, but I can create them in my mind. It takes just as much time to pray as it does to worry. It doesn’t zap your energy, it’s healthier and much more effective.

In listening to my meditation last night, the teacher was talking about ‘acceptance’ of things as they are. Some things in life can be changed quickly, some more slowly and some are out of our control.

“Ah…This is the way things are for now.”

Time passes and things change. Sometimes it’s our perspective and other times God steps in. I remembered telling my daughter, “I don’t have any problems”, but then came to this realization.

Just because there’s nothing wrong, doesn’t mean everything’s right. In the interim I can continue to enjoy the journey.

Have a week of splendidness. ~ Barb xx

Grabbing Life’s Moments

It’s noon, and I’m sitting here in my pajamas.

It has surprised me how many people are born on this day. My daughter’s best friend shares her birthday with Valentine’s Day. These two girls are so different, but have a bond that is worth celebrating. For me, Valentine’s Day is just another day on the calendar.

Each day should be a celebration of love.

My daughter announced this morning that she would love to surprise her friend Abby today with a visit for her birthday. My immediate reaction was, “What’s stopping you?”

Her friend lives 1.5 hours away, so they don’t get to see one another much. She made the comment lastnight, that she gets to see Abby, about as often as she sees her boyfriend.

Something about that is just not right, considering she has to fly to see her boyfriend. I had to suppress the Mom in me this morning, when my daughter mentioned her idea of surprising Abby with a visit.

She didn’t get any school done while we were away, which I knew would be the case. She has plenty of school to do, but it’s not going anywhere without her.


I bought this card for my daughter, and it was the bling that drew me to it. She doesn’t expect anything from me on Valentine’s Day, because we love each other everyday.

Her friend will be shocked that she drove all the way out there to help make her birthday special. Her schoolwork will wait one more day, but this moment won’t. She will eventually graduate, but I hope she never graduates from grabbing life’s moments.

Love Some More

Today is Valentines Day. I felt like writing last night at 11:45 pm. I thought that would be sweet to press publish around midnight of the day that points it out. I chose sleep instead.

I’m sitting at a large table, overlooking the lake. The sky has been thick with clouds all morning, but now, I can catch a glimpse of the sun trying to break through. This reminded me of how my heart felt right after I left my marriage. My heart had been closed off for so long, it was thick with clouds.

Slowly it started to crack open, and I could feel light within.

I had been filled with God’s love for 20 years, but life had hardened my heart. I didn’t feel loved where I was anymore. We had long ago let that die. I believe you have to nurture love to keep it alive and allow it to grow. Not knowing how to depend on God for that, I was expecting it from others. People cannot give love when they don’t have it to give.

God’s love is endless, deep and pure. I will never match the love He gives me, so why try?

It’s good practice. I believe what God gives us, He wants us to share with others. Our highest calling is to love, and it starts with ourselves. I had to forgive myself for what I thought were mistakes, or bad choices. Looking back, they were just part of my path, and have made me wiser. I made a decision to start over, and I still do that today. Do overs.

When we stop the ‘do overs’, we lose the practice. I believe to be really good at something, it takes practice. Allowing my heart to melt, and become pliable is what gave me a new heart. Today, I practice keeping my heart full and allow it to overflow onto others that will receive my love. The ones I have chosen, give it back in spades.

mug (206x340)

Don’t be afraid of more. Love is one thing you can have an over abundance of. It’s in the overflow that we can freely give. This picture reminded me not only of more love, but more Barbara. When you believe you love enough, love some more.