Best Thing Ever

Earlier today, my daughter and I were talking about our little book of ‘Never Agains‘. Then she flipped the conversation around and began talking about the best thing ever. Like, the ginormous bag of cotton balls we purchased, just because it’s the biggest bag we’ve ever seen. (pillow size) We can always use cotton balls.… Continue reading Best Thing Ever

Enjoy the Journey

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“Relax. You’re on a journey of discovery. Let life reveal itself to you.” Melody Beattie My daughter was packing to go to her Dad’s and asked, “What are you doing this weekend?” I replied, “I’m going to not think so much.” I’ve just been enjoying the journey. I once told my daughter, “I don’t have… Continue reading Enjoy the Journey

Grabbing Life’s Moments

It’s noon, and I’m sitting here in my pajamas. It has surprised me how many people are born on this day. My daughter’s best friend shares her birthday with Valentine’s Day. These two girls are so different, but have a bond that is worth celebrating. For me, Valentine’s Day is just another day on the… Continue reading Grabbing Life’s Moments

Love Some More

Today is Valentines Day. I felt like writing last night at 11:45 pm. I thought that would be sweet to press publish around midnight of the day that points it out. I chose sleep instead. I’m sitting at a large table, overlooking the lake. The sky has been thick with clouds all morning, but now,… Continue reading Love Some More