I Planted Weeds

Earlier this week, I went to see my friend Stephanie.

She gave me the courage to try my hand at plants again.

I took one look at her wrought iron fencing, and fell in love.


It’s a weed, but look at how delicate the greenery is. It has tiny red flowers that bloom in the shape of a trumpet. Walking into the shop, I found Stephanie and asked her about it. She said it comes up every year, but this was my first time seeing it. She saw the look in my eyes, and said, “Come on! Lemme get the water hose, and I’ll dig you some up!”

She gave me plenty to bring home and plant, and I planted it along the fence facing the bedroom windows. I am not sure how I went from nurturing and growing plants, to planting weeds, but I like it. To lay across my bed, and gaze out the window at it will be peaceful. It just needs to take root to grow. Her’s were growing under rocks, so they are tough.


I’ve been reading Melody Beattie a lot lately. She is ahead of me on this journey of finding yourself, but we have similar hearts. Here are some of her words that resonated with me.

“Be still and know that I am God. Stillness is a place. Become familiar with stillness. Take time to learn it’s power.” Stillness is found when being still, and becoming present in that moment.

“Find a balance that is right for you.”

“Become sensitive to your needs.”

“Inhale, receive. Exhale, give back.”

“Clear resentments from your heart.”

“Learn to be calm.”

“All you have to do about your feelings is feel them.”

“Embrace each cycle of your life.” This is where she talks about aging. I agree with Melody, that when you hit 50, you begin the second half of your life. Let’s see what that looks like.

“The answers are in your heart. Go back~think~when was your heart it’s happiest? Go back to your heart. It will always lead you home.” Home is where the heart is. I’m going home.

Sharpening My Machete

Patience. I am learning if all I do is wait, everything will work out for the greater good. People get caught up in the ‘doing’ of life. There is a big difference between taking steps forward each day and running through a field with a machete. If you choose the latter of the two. It better be sharp.

option-2a8hEvery now and then, I get to a point in my life where I need to weed. With Spring coming up, it always surprises me that weeds come up first. They will start to show off before the grass and flowers. They are the same color as grass, so driving by you can enjoy the green color. Looking closely you will see their true nature. If not tended to, they will cover the beautiful grass and choke it out.

In Texas we have weeds that are considered flowers. I’m sorry, but there is nothing more pure than an actual flower. The weed tries to imitate, but is weak. An imposter. Go cut a bunch of blooming weeds and put them in a vase of water, and then purchase a small bouquet of flowers and do the same. See which one lasts longer and brings you more joy.

Get out your machete and start whacking some weeds. They have deep roots, so you may haveta dig! Start whacking, pulling, digging or spraying today!  Whatever they are in your life, they will take over and choke out the beauty. Once removed you will immediately see the goodness in bloom!