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It’s cloudy here in Texas, so I’ve been doing some things around the house, but I’ve also been moving leisurely. I’m enjoying my alone time, but still have a lot I want to do before my daughter gets home. These are wants, not needs. She will be happy to just be home.

I took some time away from home yesterday, and met a friend for lunch. It was spur of the moment, but let me just tell you, the drive was spectacular! We met in Elgin, TX, which was the nearest town to my daughter and I, when we lived on 40 acres. I haven’t had a reason to go there in the past couple of years, so it was interesting to see how things had changed.

GPS took me the back way. Yes, I have my GPS set to ‘back roads please.’ Every now and then, you will spot a vehicle in your rear-view mirror, flying up on your tail at 80 mph. This bothers my daughter to no end, but when I see that happening, it makes me sad for that person. They are not getting the reason why we live way out here, and are they hurrying by.

Even though my daughter is not here this weekend, she is in my heart. I went into what used to be a couple of my favorite shops yesterday, and came home with some little things she will love. These two shops had changed since the last time I was there, but one shop still had a couple of my favorite things. I went into that shop twice. Before I met my friend, and after.


I laughed so hard when I saw these. These two tins of mints describe pieces of our life.

My daughter’s worst days are contributed to PMS. I have to stop everything I’m doing to accommodate a hot flash. The next time she apologizes for her moodiness, I can hug her, and hand her these. She will scream!

It’s all about perspective darling.

I have been reading a number of Blogs recently, and a lot of writers have stopped writing.

If you love to write, then write. It doesn’t matter what it says, or if it has a point, because the person who is reading it is going to get what they need from it. Things jump out at me that the writer probably just threw in there. I have read Blogs where they wrote it while sitting on their pity pot. Eventually they may stop writing altogether.

Come on now….I’m preachin’ good. What makes you feel alive? Do more of that.

Stop looking at the numbers! Oh yes, I said it. I was once a big numbers/statistics person. The numbers are not reality. Algorithms control what people see, but our God controls who sees what we write. I have seen Him use it many times, and it wasn’t reflected by numbers. I will continue to write what is on my heart, so God can use it for His glory. Not mine.

I was the most fulfilled by writing in January, when I did so everyday. I didn’t always have something profound to share, but it felt good. If I’m sad about something, or in a rotten mood, I try not to burden you with it. Once I have revelation, that is what I love to share.

Just like spending time this weekend, uncluttering my home. That also unclutters my mind.


There’s no telling what all I will write about once my house is in order! I have to share one more thing that I picked up yesterday. My daughter loves these soaps. These are hand soap size, so not a lot of money. There is something so intoxicating about the smell of a man. We don’t have a man living in our home, but that doesn’t stop us from enjoying the smell. Perspective.


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