To Be Free

The time has come for a WordPress hiatus. I’ve felt it gnawing at me for a while, but this week it became crystal clear. I’m determined to keep the portions on my plate in balance, and there’s new opportunity just over the horizon. It’s been challenging to keep my plate clean, because I’m a doer,… Continue reading To Be Free

Loved Me Back

You should hug yourself for being here. Not only do you have an active WordPress account, but you read posts daily. I challenged myself to post daily the month of December. Might have skipped a couple of days right before Christmas, but if so, it was by choice. It’s sweet to be here by choice.… Continue reading Loved Me Back

You Are Loved

Two days ago, I posted this meme on Letitgocoach Facebook page. I thought it’s sweet, but didn’t realize the impact it would have. People are drinking it up like water. I was thinking, to find our true selves, it really is in the unbecoming. To peel off the layers of what has adhered to us.… Continue reading You Are Loved

Coffee and Contemplation

I’ve been thinking about mornings and to retrain myself to get up early. I’m normally awake before dawn, but with the cooler weather, it’s dreadful leaving the warm bed. There’s nothing wrong with that every now and then, but there’s things I want to accomplish. Pondering the New Year, it feels like God is giving… Continue reading Coffee and Contemplation

It’s Worth It

My daughter was away from home and sent me this meme. It’s us. Her memes are hilarious. I found myself recently responding to comments with, “It’s worth it.” My mind began flashing images of this life and it’s all been worth it. When my daughter is away from home, I close her bedroom door. Our… Continue reading It’s Worth It

Show Some Love

This is a pause to say thank you to two female Bloggers whom I adore. They each handed me an award a bit ago. Thank you darlings! I’ve thought of writing this thank you every day since receiving the nominations. It’s funny how parts of life crawl onto the relatively full plate and the things… Continue reading Show Some Love

There Is Better

I bought a yard globe for the front yard. It looked fabulous in the store, but when I got it home and placed it in the flower bed, I didn’t like it at all. It was not right so, I took it back to the store. Is there such a thing as too much bling?… Continue reading There Is Better

Beauty from Ashes

I was nominated for The Sunshine Blogger award. Thank you Gary, for the nomination. I’m grateful each time someone nominates me, but it pains me to write a Blog that long in response, so the buck usually stops here. 🙂 If I type over 600 words in a post, I begin to hyperventilate, but I… Continue reading Beauty from Ashes

The Only Way To Win

The community of WordPress is a special place. We lift each other up, and love on one another with comments. Andy here recently nominated me for the Sunshine Blogger award. This is my way of saying thank you. To introduce him to you by sharing his work to my WordPress family. I love what Andy… Continue reading The Only Way To Win