Body Balanced

I’ve been familiar with this nutritional product since 1999. I knew what it could do and how it made me feel. It gives my body a feeling of optimum health, consistent energy, and well-being. During my Breast Cancer Journey, it pretty much pulled me through!

When I learned of my diagnosis in March of 2016, a friend reached out to me about this product. She’s with the company, Life Force International, and asked if I was still taking Body Balance. I told her, “No. When I left my marriage, I had to leave my side of the business and hadn’t had any product in years.” Knowing I was a newly single Mom, she mailed me a case.

I began drinking more than the suggested amount to prepare for Chemo. My body would need to generate a ton of new blood cells to counteract the treatment. The Chemotherapy was killing off blood cells faster than my body could produce, but I drank Body Balance by the quart. If it wasn’t for God working through my friend, I’m not sure I’d still be here. She mailed me a case every month of my Cancer journey.

Body Balance is a liquid, and feeds your body at a cellular level, which oxygenates the blood creating rapid cell reproduction.

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At the end of Chemo, my Oncologist called me into his office for one final visit. His words still haunt me to this day. He said, “I don’t know what you’re doing, but your blood looks better now, then it did when we first met.” After 6 months of Chemotherapy, my blood looked better than ever before. That my friends was a miracle.

We live our lives, but without our health we can’t enjoy what we spent our life building.

If you know anyone going through treatment, or who wants to feel good everyday, call Life Force at 1-800-531-4873, and tell them Barb sent you.